Good options, but still indecision

I need business coaching!
Started my LLC in Septmeber. Decided to do the Married to Doctors podcast based off my 16 years of marriage ( hubby in last year of training – I hope). Anyway, great topic, lots to say and amazing responses!! I’m cold emailing famous authors and therapists. I do my “to do” lists and keep taking action. I’ve got amazing guests and I’m so proud of that since I’m an unknown not even on iTunes yet.
I launch next month and have had hints of sponsors.
This is where I start to not know what to do-
I had planned to start the podcast and get a little buzz and traffic then Come to SCS and get certified and start coaching and doing workbooks for doctor wives (more specifically surgeon wives with resentment issues)
Anyway, because things are happening and I’ve been approached- I feel unprepared. I know I can figure it out, but I need real business coach advice sooner than later. If I wait until September or even later (after certification is done) to get business help I feel like I’ve missed an opportunity.
But, if I hire for business coaching now, I don’t know that SCS would be the next right move.
What do I want? I wanna make as much money as a surgeon! Just for the sake of saying, why yes, he’s done quite well, and my apps and podcast do too” LOL
Anyway, how can i decide between monetizing what I’m doing and hiring an app developer etc. or just keeping things low key until after SCS-
I like coaching, love it in fact and I have a Masters in teaching, love small groups. But, I also love doing the interviews and running a business. It’s more exciting than I expected.
Do both? If I pay for great business coaching now, and my app ideas, I’d be spending my SCS tuition money.
And I don’t want two business coaches/models.
And likely debt for SCS. That was not my plan. Plans change.
Sheesh I’m all over the place with this email.
It seems you and your coaches market themselves and their coaching and don’t use online advertising much if at all. Your comment about affiliates was interesting to me this last podcast…

Maybe I need to separate more
1. Married To Doctors Podcast. Monetize the heck out of it without annoying listeners

2. Coaching business completely separate deal, just monetize on my coaching services and products. This business doesn’t need a podcast and if it did it wouldn’t be interview based, it would be me teaching….