Got my own back!

I’m an educator in a nonclassroom position, but due to multiple problems with a teacher on medical leave, I stepped in to assist and help create some consistency for students & families. Of course I did. Cause that’s what I do. Show up for other people and overload myself and then break down (cried over that in last month’s tutoring session) and then keep working myself crazy. Well what started out as a goodwill gesture on my part has lasted EIGHTEEN DAYS and became MY JOB last Friday (official letter to families that I’m the “teacher”–I was never notified of this prior to it getting sent. So my bosses have given me someone else’s full time job to do in addition to mine.

As Brooke would say “This is bullshit.” 🙂 🙂

Went out to lunch w a friend and listened to myself sounding so miserable about the whole thing as I described it to her. Decided last night to show up for myself and came up with a list of what “I am doing” and “What I will no longer be able to do until Teacher X returns”. Delivered it to my administrator today. No wondering should I or shouldn’t I or is this going to be perceived negatively by them. Just drew my lines and released myself from taking on two fulltime jobs (of course, I am not being compensated at all for that second job).

Managing my thoughts, asking “Is this serving me?”, and not indulging in overwhelm or overthinking. FEELS SO GOOD TO HAVE MY OWN BACK!

Thanks Brooke and SCS!!