Grab ass grilled chicken? What the WHAT?

I have given up sugar and wine and am eating flour occasionally during planned “joy eats”.   I have lost 17 pounds since January.  I am within 3 pounds of my goal weight.

However, I keep snacking between my 11am meal and 6pm dinner. I just am so hungry during the middle of the day.  My protocol is not to snack between meals. Usually, I eat nuts but today I ate potato chips.  A few days ago I snacked/”grab assed” grilled chicken. I have Brooke’s voice in my head that says if grilled chicken or an apple  appeals to you are probably hungry, she has said that related to the hunger scale.    I hope this makes sense?

C-I am snacking between meals.
T- It’s just some nuts or grilled chicken. I must really be hungry.
F- I’m hungry.
A- I snack.
R- I don’t lose weight.

Thank you,