Green Beans As Data

I started my protocol of no flour, no sugar, no alcohol and intermittent Fasting for 17 hours a day. I lost 7 pounds on the first two weeks. Probably mainly water. I eat very clean and am using Brooke’s list of foods as well as writing a food journal.

The last week I added green beans to my meals. Just sautéed in olive oil and weighing myself this morning (I weigh myself once a week) I gained 5 pounds!

My protocol the past week was:

Fasting until 1pm

Lunch: Sauteed Green Beans, 20 Cashews, 7 Oz. Of leafy greens, 1/2 Avocado, bell pepper, 4 Radishes, lemon, salt and olive oil.
Dinner 6pm: 2 eggs, Sauteed Mushrooms, 5 Oz. Of leafy greens, olive oil and lemon, 20 Cashews.

Is it possible that the green beans or perhaps Cashews made me gain so much weight?