Grieving and moving forward

I finally did it. With a lot of courage, I made the decision to move out and end the relationship with my boyfriend. I’m proud of myself for taking this huge uncomfortable step: I’ve been in decision debt about it for a long time- at least a year.

This feels like one of the biggest and most difficult decisions of my life. I had thought we’d be life partners. I am grieving that hope and thought. Now I am trying to keep remembering my reasons for leaving – which I put a great deal of thought, coaching, and time into. I know it’s the best decision for me, yet I keep catching myself with thoughts that question it because of the pain I’m currently feeling. I’m working on allowing those thoughts, allowing the pain, missing him, and then remembering my reasons.

I’m also anticipating pain as I finalize the move and have interactions with him through that and at work – we work together(!).

Do you have any advice, or suggestions for SCS modules or podcast episodes that might help guide me through the pain of this breakup so I come out of stronger?