Group program question

Hi Brooke,

Just a quick question about your group programs like SCS. I am launching my first group program soon and my first goal is 20 students enrolled. I am imagining how I can scale up from there – if I can get 20, then I can get 50. If I can sell 50, then I can sell 200 (which will get me to 6 figures). This is totally do-able especially once I get a couple of referral partners on board.

My question for you is how many students do you feel like you can serve at once? My program is 6 weeks long, with live teaching and coaching calls, and I want everyone to have an opportunity to get coached. If I am using my stretch goal of selling 200 programs a year, and I want to offer the program 4 times a year, that would be an average of 50 people enrolled each time. Knowing that not everyone makes every call, how many people can be on a call at once and feel well-served? If I sell enough programs, I am willing to increase the calls to twice weekly instead of once weekly to make sure everyone gets enough time with me. I know I can automate some of the teaching content in the future but for now I would like to teach live so I can make adjustments to the material as I go along.

Are you willing to share how many students are enrolled in SCS vs. the average number of people that show up for a coaching call? If I know what the ratio is, that may help me to make a decision about how to limit enrollment in order to make sure that everyone gets enough time if they want it. I have been enrolled in programs with hundreds of people on the line and been in queue for 2 hours or more for Q&A and I didn’t like that experience. I want everyone in my program to have a great experience and feel like they are getting out of it more than what they paid.

Thank you!