A-ha moment in March

Last fall, I changed my food protocol to plant based, whole foods and lost 15 lbs. So, when I started with SCS in Jan, I set my goal this year to lose 60lbs more by Dec 2017.

Jan: started the month at 210, finished the month at 210.
Feb: started the month at 210, finished the month at 211.
Hmm…I was reading about others in SCS and their weight loss success stories since Jan and got pissed, at myself.
For March, I started the month at 211, re-examined my protocol and recommitted to staying on my protocol NO MATTER WHAT. I added intermittent fasting AND two 48 hour fasts. Bingo. I dropped 11 pounds during the month. Ended the month at 200.

But, here’s the best news. I am now down one size and decided to pull out the clothes in my closet that I tucked away that had become too small. When I put on these clothes, my thought was “OMG, these clothes fit again! I look amazing!” and I felt so confident. When I last wore these clothes 2 years ago, at the same 200 lbs, my thoughts were so negative and I felt ashamed and embarrassed to be this size. The change in my thinking was my a-ha moment. These are the exact same clothes and the exact same weight as 2 years ago yet my thinking has changed completely. Even though I still have 50 lbs to go, I totally know I am going to do this and most certainly before my December deadline!

You have said before that there are a-ha moments like this that change your life forever.
Life. Changed. Forever.

Thank you!