Handle any emotion

Hey Brooke. Im watching episode 31 in stop over eating and you said that your goal is to be able to handle any emotion and you mentioned whether you have a child that dies, a child that murders someone, your husband cheats on you and leaves you, or your business goes banktrupt…that you feel pretty confident that you can manage the thoughts and emotions of horror, terror and grief. That you have a sense of well being. Ok, give me some of that! Lol. My daughter is chronically ill. I choose to believe that shes going to die a little old lady in bed. Even though statistics say otherwise. To be honest, this is terrifying for me to even discuss because i dont even want to speak it into the universe. But i couldnt even move on in the video i replayed that section of the video a few times. Now i know you arent saying that if your child died you wouldnt feel anything and just be okay i understand that. But i need to get on your level. Im so scared of losing her. Im so afraid ill either die of heart ache or never get out of bed. And i also know im choosing to think this way because even thinking that i can handle it scares the hell out of me. As though im accepting it. I cant even entertain the idea of making a model about this either. Its so painful. Would love your insight and a some advice what direction i can go to get help. I dont know if you have coaches that are at your level of mastering their minds at the extent yours is, so im not sure if scheduling a session with them would have the same effect. Your words in the video stopped me in my tracks!