Hard relationship with friends

Hello ! I am dealing with a relationship issue. I have some « friends » that react strongly to what i say. Everytime i say something they see it like it’s wrong or not appropriate such as thing about wash the dishes not fondamental things. I feel like they are seeing me like stupid person though they say they are my friends. I am always confronted to not kind remark. I thought to not see them again but they always want to be my friend and sometimes i kind of liking them but there is always something that make me see that they are harsh to me. I try to work on myself but it is very hard when they don’t allow me to say what i want. Always feel rejected and not appropriate with them. I don’t understand why they always want to be my friend. It’s becoming harder to be with them. What should i do ? Not be with them anymore or work on me ?
I don’t know how to show them that i don’t accept it anymore but stay friends. I don’t feel their remark are fair. When they something to me i lost my confidence and start do dumb things. I don’t react to them just do harm to myself.

Thank you for your response