I hate this … in a good way :)

These daily dares make me so uncomfortable! Day 1, I didn’t even follow through on my dare. I have to say that even though I didn’t do it, I gained so much from reflecting on why I didn’t follow through and what issues it brought up. I did some good thought work on all of my negative talk that came up when I didn’t follow through on what I promised myself.

I already am off to a good start today because I planned a dare and I got an opportunity to do a second dare. A friend posted an unflattering photo of me from years ago on Facebook. She posted it because it was a really fun memory. My normal response would have been to untag myself or make a negative comment about myself, but I dared myself to just leave it up there and let people think what they want. I also posted a comment to it about the memory which actually draws more attention to the post. It feels sooooo good to practice being more confident!