Hating housework

I hate doing housework. I can not afford servants to do it for me. I do not want to live in a hotel. Therefore I must do housework. I am trying to see that this is my choice (because I do not want to live in filth and I do want to live in a house)

C= Plates, mugs, pots and pans with bits of food on them. Dust on floor. Doghair in sofa. Clothes with stains. 30-60 Items placed in open sight instead of hidden in drawers and closets.
T= Tidying up and cleaning will never end and I hate it so much.
F=energy drained
A=Tidying up while muttering angrily, tossing thins hard in the sink, swearing at the clothes, wanting to leave and never come back.
R=Tidy house, feeling like I waste my life doing never-ending chores

How can I start working on believing this is my choice ?