Having a really hard time with transitions and finances…

I am really struggling right now with finances.
My only form of income is through coaching right now but currently don’t have any paying clients.
I recently found out that I have to move out of my family home next month and now will have to be paying rent.
I can’t get a full time job right now because I won’t qualify for the healthcare that I currently have that I need for an upcoming surgery (that is still months away).
I have no money coming in and more going out than I normally do.
I don’t have any credit available.
I am overwhelmed, and stressed, and I just feel like breaking down and crying every day.
I keep doing thought models on these things to try to remind myself that it’s going to be okay, that something will work, and that I can create the result of money with my thoughts…but the feelings are so overwhelming that they just overpower the models that I do that show me I can produce the result of more money asap. I feel like I’m on the verge of just breaking down mentally and emotionally.
I would greatly appreciate some support on this.