Having a rough time

Hello Brooke! I quit sugar 11 days ago. This is my 2nd time quitting – and this time the cravings are so strong. I didn’t have this last time, physically I felt terrible last time but didn’t really have a tough time with cravings. Yesterday on Halloween I ate 3 little chocolate bars I just couldn’t handle it – 1 on sorta purpose (like I knew I was going to eat it but made myself consciously at least pay attention to taste), 1/2 of another one then I stopped because it tasted terrible. Then I ‘binge’ ate one later. I did write down my thoughts – albeit didn’t think of it until after.
I’ll never not want this.
I’ll still lose weight even if I eat a few.
It will taste so good.
It doesn’t really matter.
It’s pointless, I’ll need to learn moderation.
I should have it to stop the obsession b/c hopefully I won’t like it.

I came up with 2 new thoughts: For ‘ I want to taste it’ I got to ‘Real pleasure is beyond chocolate.’ And for ‘I’ll never not want this’ I came to ‘Let’s just wait and see.’

Anyway I was just about to eat 5 mini twix, I grabbed them out of the bowl and hid in my office to eat them, but instead wrote this. Can you please just tell me I’m pretty and this will get easier? I have watched your Overeating Workshop and it’s helped so much but I just don’t understand this chocolate craving.

Also I feel really really sad right now, I am not going to eat them, but now I’m feeling so sad.

xo kat