Health anxiety

I have experienced being seriously sick. Now 15 years later I find myself from time to time that I worry a lot if I have some physical symptoms that last over time. This has happened say 5 times during the last 3 years. Every one of these “worries” have turned out not to be anything serious. The last three months this has happened again due to a new physical symptom (that is not so uncommon, but if you google it can look like many other serious symptoms.)

My two main models are:
C: physical symptom
T: What if this time it’s serious
F: Scared
A: spending a lot of time being scared and try to calm myself down
R: spending lots of time arguing with myself

C: Health anxiety
T: I should be able to quit this head spinning
F: disappointed in myself
A: spending a lot of time beating myself up for having health anxiety
R: Not able to quit

Do you have any suggestions in how to make an intentional model that will lead to a better result?