Hello – I just joined!

Hi Brooke
I just joined SCS. I am in Australia and I just love all the work you have put out online so far. You are amazing and I am so excited to be able to take this journey with you.

As I am in AU the amount of investment was around $400 AU so once my husband agreed to it and I hit that button to sign up I was in tears. Tears of joy. I am on a journey to lose 40kg and I just know this is the way for me to do it and do it permanently. Have tried WW classes, WW online, vegetarianism, Jenny Craig, Fats and Figures, you name it. So So excited.

We are the same age (cough cough) so I feel as thought I can really relate to you and I love your sense of style too! You are just fabulous! I am so fan-girling right now (LOL)

Looking forward to spending a sleepless night here is Oz looking through and watching everything on the website.

With so much gratitude
Leanne 🙂 xxxx