Help me do B minus work!

Hi. I am a perfectionist people pleaser that uses both excuses to be paralyzed. I joined self coaching scholars in December 2016, and had the intention of doing each month, each call, each daily download. And then I didn’t. So, October 1, I opened up January and decided to do January in October. I did the whole month of January at a B minus, and I am already so remarkably changed. I chose a goal of no alcohol for 30 days and committed, truly committed as was the lesson. I can already see how powerful this work is and I want to keep going and not paralyze myself by some excuse of perfection. I am on day 27 btw!!1 So my question is this… I know you put a lot of time and energy and passion into this class, so my assumption is that each lesson builds upon the last purposefully. So, I’m reluctant to jump to November, because I’d like to learn them as intended to get the most out of them. I was going to do February this November, March in December, etc… Will this work? Or should I just jump in where you are. I also haven’t been doing the calls and raising my hand, because I feel so behind. Advice pretty please.