Help with letting someone be themselves

So ex. Walking out of restraunt husband opens door for woman, woman doesn’t say thank you so husband verbally turns around and says you’re welcome , with a irritated tone.( I’m embarrassed)

Driving and husband cuts off stranger yelling out something or other ……
Driving and dog pooping , husband feels his duty to yell out at owner who doesn’t pick up poop

Eating out and if waiter/ waitress not perfect he gives poor tip. But If they feed his ego. They might get a 100$ bill on top of tip.

I could go on but pointless, I really just want to know how to respond and especially because it’s difficult to give a response that doesn’t put him into anger mode .
I try to ignore it but he often will not let me and badger me knowing I am exact opposite of him most of time . I’ve tried to remain neutral and just act like it doesn’t happen ( when I can) so not to set him off . This seems to be the best response but he often pics at me to get my response and most recently my responses are- you be you -and -I’ll be me -so far no big blow outs but definitely seem to be building irritation and much distance between us. I Have really begun to have some distance from the situation and see it from the outside and not from a angry bitter state ( thanks to SCS) but still Do not know how to respond and would love your input. The model has helped me (with that you be you and I’ll be me attitude ), but it doesn’t change the humiliation and I feel nor the feeling of being cornered in many situations when he won’t back off because I don’t agree with him . We own A business together and I am fairly certain that the employees are noticing this as well . I just really need someone wise thoughtful responses because not reacting isn’t serving any purpose .