Help with a model – Conversation with husband

Hi Brooke,
I need some help with a model. I am new to scholars and trying to wrap my brain around models. This morning I had a situation with my husband that trigger me and did a model to try to gain understanding.
My husband and I were discussing what I had on my calendar for the day. I shared with him that I had a full day because I needed to complete several tasks that I did not finish earlier in the week because of a medical emergency with our dog. The net of this emergency was that I had a few items on my calendar that I had not competed, one being my SCS homework of cleaning my office. When I shared what I had to do, he questioned whether spending time cleaning my office was a good decision given my schedule. I then found myself trying to justify my decision and getting defensive. Here are the models that I came up with:

C – Conversation with Husband
T – Is he trying to tell me what to do? I need to tell him why this makes sense. Is this a good use of my time?
F – controlled, confused, annoyed
A – I try and defend my plans for the day with him. I question my decision and possible change my actions
R – Don’t complete my SCS homework
C – Conversation with Husband
T –He is entitled to his own option and I don’t need to question my decision as result. He is trying to be helpful but does not have all the data behind why I have made this decision.
F – Secure in my plan for the day, appreciate his desire to try and help me.
A – I do what needs to happen to complete my work for the day
R – I honor my commitment to myself.

Have I done the model correctly?
Thank you very much for your guidance.