Help w/ Model on Best Friend

Would love some help on a situation I have right now with my best friend. I am a new mom and am going back to work on Tuesday. The past month or so has been very full and I have only fit in one visit this month and one phone call per week with her; my priorities have been on other things. She texted me the other day that she misses me and feels like we haven’t really been seeing each other. I should also mention that we had a huge blowup last Fall mostly due to the fact that she felt I was not making her a priority and our relationship had become very one sided. After a month of not talking and doing a lot of thought work, we were able to have a productive conversation and move forward but I feel like we are backsliding again. I have been working some thought downloads and models on how to deal with this situation and would love some feedback. I realize now that I have a manual for her that says that she needs to accept that I cannot see her every week and be okay with that and not always be wanting more of me. I am still working through letting her have her thoughts and her feelings and not making that have to mean anything about me or what kind of friend I am. Here are the unintentional and intentional models I have been working on for the current situation:
C: says she hasn’t really been seeing me
T: nothing I give is ever enough, she wants more of me than I want to give, her expectations are too much
F: upset, frustrated, defensive
A: make more time for her at expense of other things I want to do more
R: ultimatey withdraw because I end up resenting our time together

C: same as above
T: Great she wants to see me more & enjoys spending time with me
F: confident in our relationship, love for her
A: connect & communicate a bit more
R: enjoy time I am able to spend with her and don’t allow her feelings to affect my confidence in how I am showing up