Help walking through power of emotion worksheet?

I find that my thought download often has negative thoughts . I do this lesson when I wake up. Can I get some feedback on my worksheet?

Thought Download
1. I am tired
2. I don’t feel like working today
3. My body is sore from my work out yesterday
4. I feel spoken up from the bad dream I had that woke me up last night
5. I have to push along and get work done
6. I have some fun plans I’m looking forward to this weekend

Dominant feeling yesterday: contentment

1. Today will be an easy day at work – I have a few interesting things to complete and due to my meeting won’t be here today.
2. I have a coaching call tonight that I’m looking forward to which will help me.
3. I had a great phone call with my boyfriend and am curious to see where our relationship goes
4. Working on my new business is exciting
5. I can’t wait to make my new business a success

Thing I want to accomplish today: Set up my online store.
Emotion I want to fuel this action – determined
How can I generate this emotion? This about how good it’s going to feel to get my business up and running. Think about the endless possibility it can create.

I have a question about this section – I’ve been trying to pick an emotion to fuel how I want to feel for the day. Typically for the day I want to feel peaceful and motivated. Why can’t we pick an emotion for the day? The task is just one little thing and I’d like to feel good feelings mostly throughout the day.