Help with a model around my fear of coaching in front of other coaches

I have worked on my belief on me being a good coach, which I’m pretty certain of now until I have to coach in front of others and then feel a lot of pressure.

I’m kind of stuck with this model:

C: Coaching in front of others
T: They’ll see I don’t REALLY know what I’m doing
F: Shame
A: Only finding evidence for where I do it “wrong”. I don’t give myself any credit for what I do well. I judge myself and compare myself to others that have found the “right’ way of coaching much faster than me. I don’t want to evaluate in order to not feel worse. I imagine what the other coaches might think of me.
R: I don’t find out how to prove to myself that I can coach?

This R doesn’t seem right and I’m not sure this model creates extra awareness – I can see what I’m doing, but I’m not sure of what the result is, and how I can move on.

I have decided I’m a good coach and I can help anybody, and it’s ok as long as it’s just me and the client, but not when I have other coaches watching me. Is the belief just not strong enough then?