Help with an employee request

I have a new employee (just had 30 day review). So far, she is awesome at her job. She is friendly, and seems to get on well with her teammates.

She came into my office and told me that she’s had to file a restraining order against her husband and is seeking to end her marriage. She has 4 children, the last one is with this husband and is about 5 mos old, I think. She asked me to be patient with her because she had to leave work early a few days to get legal stuff going. I said of course. The first day she had an appt she was to come in late but texted that her childcare fell through so she couldn’t come in. I just made a note of it in my log and went about my day.

Yesterday morning (Saturday) at 8:15 AM she texted me, saying how sorry she is to bother me on a Saturday, but she wanted to know if she could have a “little fundraiser” at work to help get herself and her kids out of “this horrible situation they are in.” She told me she was brainstorming different ideas and she came up with that. I was rendered speechless, and if you know me that is no small feat 😀.

I didn’t respond right away. I waited a bit after I did some work (and involved others) and I decided that I can’t have this in the business I’m responsible for running. I think that if I allowed this I’m setting the stage for possible issues later with other employees who may think they need “help” . I also think that my other employees may feel uncomfortable being asked to give money to her. I genuinely have compassion for her plight but my first responsibility is to the company and my other 29 employees.

I need a little help with my models please.

C J asked me if we could have a fundraiser at work for her
T I can’t believe she asked me this, let alone Saturday at 8:15 AM
F Flabbergasted
A Show text to Hub, fwd text to my bff, ruminate and speculate as to what is going on, offer my own solutions to her situation to my Hub, defend my decision not to allow this to my bff, opine about what I would do in that situation
R I ruin my morning

C J asked me if we could have a fundraiser at work for her
T She is trying to find any possible avenue to get help, and that’s ok
F Compassionate
A Decide to give her some money
R I help in a way that is comfortable for me