Help with how to stop buffering with coffee and lattes

I LOVE coffee. I drink 3, sometimes 4 eight-ounce cups per day, and I include what and when I will drink these cups on my protocol.

When I’m done with the coffee/lattes I feel sad that I can’t have anymore for that day, and can’t wait for the next day to have more.

Also, I’m a very early morning riser. I pop out of bed, make my first cup of coffee and get busy working on my business, or on scholars for those first few hours while I happily sit and sip.

Without that first cup of coffee I would not be as motivated and excited to get up as early as I do. The problem is, I still allow myself to have 2 more cups throughout the morning. Then, when those are done. Remorse sets in.

So my question – is coffee a problem that I’m not addressing since it’s such a strong desire, and the urge for it stays all day long even though I justify that it’s OK because it’s on my daily protocol? I know Brooke says that the stop overdrinking principles can help with other beverages to help me overcome my constant desire, but even with a drink plan I’m not sure how this would work since I’m already including a 3-drink plan on my daily protocol?

Thanks in advance for the help!