Help with model

Hi Brooke,
I was doing the homework this morning and wanted to run a model by you to see if I’m am on the right track or if the way I’m doing the model needs to be tweaked. I have really been thinking about the idea of becoming a financial coach for a long time, but scared to do anything about it, let alone actually say it out loud. So I thought I would do a model on it and see what I could come up with.

Unintentional thought
C: financial coaching is an option
T: no way I can do that
F: intimidated, terrified
A: don’t even try, don’t even discuss it
R: stay exactly where I am

Intentional Though
C: financial coaching is an option
T: I am passionate about this
F: excitement, fear, curiosity
A: take steps toward becoming a financial coach
R: become a FC

How does that look? Also, one more question. When we have a feeling we don’t want from a thought that we don’t necessarily want to be thinking…we just change the thought? Just like that? I’m guessing that to change that unwanted thought to one I do want will take doing the model many times to get myself to actually believe that I can change the thought, is that right? I feel like “just think happy thoughts” is more than just a one time thing if I want lasting results on the changed thought. There are so many of my thoughts that I have been thinking for soooo long that my brain really really accepts them as truth and it is super hard to change that.
Any insights would be awesome.
Thank you!