Help with model

Hi Brooke,

I’m working on my thoughts around money and when I spend money on eating at a resturant. Could you help me with my model below? Is there more I can add to the action? How could I phrase what the result would be?

C- Spend $100 eating at resturants this weekend
T- I shouldn’t have spent this money on food as I don’t have enough money left in my food budget this month for much else.
F- Scarcity
A- Tell fiance we shouldn’t be spending this money, balance food budget and watch amount go down, beat myself up, penny pinch for food rest of month
R- Generate more scarcity?

I know a lot of it is planning ahead on how much I want to spend right? How do you plan for times that are unexpected? We didn’t think we’d eat out as much while visiting friends, but we did. How can I see what I can spend on food as enough? Thank you!