Help with models — my thoughts as a C?

Hello! I’m working on my models and I’m recognizing that my thoughts about my thoughts influence my actions and feelings. While an external circumstance drives an initial model, I have thought about the thought in a model that impacts how I feel and think about myself and contributes to my being very critical and mean to myself.

I was playing around with putting my thought in the C line — see below. The first is the more self-critical version, the second has a more neutral response to my thought

C: I have a thought that I’m inadequate
T: I don’t do anything right
F: Defeated, unmotivated
A: Inaction, mind searches for evidence of me doing things wrong and finds lots of them
R: I don’t improve and get better and get stuck thinking about everything that I’m not

C: I have a thought that I’m inadequate
T: There are things that I’m good at and things I can improve on
F: Hopeful, Open, balanced
A: Look for things that I’ve done well and that I can improve on
R: Have a more balanced view of myself and not be so hard on myself

Lots of thinking! What are your thoughts?