Help with my Circumstance

My goal for September was not to drink anything that wasn’t planned. I’ve also tried to follow a Paleo eating plan for years but am now giving your way a try. I feel like your way will answer the questions as to how and why I got to this weight/drink what I do and will lead to permanent success without the longtime struggle that’s usually associated with these two.
I had a rough day yesterday. I was feeling angry, sad, frustrated. I can tell you why I was feeling all those feelings but I can’t tell you why that made me want to eat like crap and drink. I mean of course I can, it’s buffering but what I’m struggling with is my Circumstance. My thought was, I want to shut down, turn off my brain. Everything I’m trying to put in the C line still seems like a thought. I’m having a bad day still seems like a thought?
PS – I stayed the course and felt so glad I did. 🙂