Help with thought line

I need help finding a new thought, and maybe a bridge thought. I frequently feel hurt by the actions of my son (and daughter-in-law). I believe it is a fact that they do not enjoy my company. They frequently travel the hour to visit her Aunt and Uncle, my neighbors, but rarely ever to see me or even to drop in while they are here for dinner next door.
C: Kids don’t visit
T: they don’t like me
F: Hurt
A: Withdraw, get angry, voice disappointment
R: I feel bad all the time, they don’t want to visit

What thought should I be aiming for to improve this situation and what thought might I use to feel better now:
C: Kids don’t visit
T: ?
F: okay, not hurt
A: Do my own thing, reach out to them
R: I feel okay about our relationship
C: Kids don’t visit
T: It doesn’t matter, I’ll see them another time??? ( I don’t believe this at the moment and I don’t know if this is even what I should be aiming for)
F: Fine, doesn’t affect me
A: Live my life, make other plans with them (I doubt they are open to this except under duress at this point)
R: Feel Closer to kids
I guess the result I really want is to be closer to the kids but I don’t what to do to get there or how to think in the meantime to stop the hurt.