He’s late, what do I make it mean?

I just finished a private coaching session and the last question I’m left with is: he’s late, so what do you make that mean?

A little bit of context: my ex-boyfriend arrived very late at our date, and I went from a lovely woman to a hysterical monster.

One of the unintentional models we revealed is:
C: he arrived at 2 pm and we had decided to meet at 1 pm
T: this man might think that I am at his disposal, he offhandedly left the house when I was already there, it’s a joke!!
F: angry. VERY angry.
A: shouting at him, shaking, seeing everything in red, being hysterical, not accepting his apologies or his (unacceptable) explanations
R: I’m hurting myself

The truth is that now that I’m writing my thoughts and feelings one year later. I’m still angry but find my reaction very disproportionate but this is a pattern that occurs every time someone is late.

So at the end of the coaching, the question is: what do you want to make it mean?
I want to make it mean nothing. I want to be lighter and not be so offended. And want to be able to make fun of it when someone is late.

I anticipate that you will ask me to create an intentional model:
C: he arrived at 2 pm and we had decided to meet at 1 pm
T: being late is his second nature because he has no idea how to manage his time.
F: light-hearted
A: I decide to listen to some good music while waiting, I look forward to seeing him, if we go to the cinema I arrange the date for 1 hour in advance to not miss half of the movie, I have a very good book I brought with me, I make sure the meeting is close to a coffeeshop so that I won’t get cold, can finish my work and flirt with the good looking bartender, I decide to leave after 20 minutes without complaining
R: I turned this into a nice experience

I’d love to feel like it’s nothing. I’d love to be much much lighter and don’t take all this so seriously but I really don’t feel like this will temper my anger. Am I doing the model right?