Hit a plateau, committed to Massive Action – plan all food in advance and only eat that – only 1 day of success

Hi Brooke,
I’ve been at a plateau for weeks. You suggested I have a call with Katrina (who was very helpful my first month) to modify my protocol. She didn’t have any appointments available, but one just opened up – just not until June.
A few questions for you…
This is the massive action I’ve been doing:
I’ve been applying your Stop Overdrinking info to eating for me. I fill out the forms:
Thoughts that prevent urges
Allowed urges
Write it down, learn, move on
I created a Protocol
I write down what I will eat each day in advance

My models:
C I write a daily food intake in advance, but eat more than what is on it (usually later in the day)
T I’m not capable of 100% discipline
F frustrated, disappointed
A Create another advance daily food take and don’t stick to it 100%
R stay at weight plateau

C I write a daily food intake in advance
T I am someone who keeps her commitments to herself
F laser focused
A eat only what’s on daily list
R I keep my commitment and break through plateau

Two questions:
Could you paste a link to the Stop Overeating forms I mentioned above? I can no longer find where they were.
Could you please help me with my intentional model so that I can hopefully break through this plateau on my own while I wait to talk with Katrina?

Thank you so much!