How can I handle this situation ?

Hi Coaches,
I have been trying to handle general anxiety disorder.I got into the habit of panicking for every bodily sensation that I get during anxiety episodes & relating it to some health disorder.It kinda got into loop where i started worrying about being anxious than the actual worry itself.These days I feel my focus is more on managing anxiety and trying to get out of it.For eg. I have thoughts like – “you exercise your stress hormones increase and you get more anxious sensations.So first relax and dont stress yourself”. So I kinda feel I am not setting bigger goals in work/personal life due to fact that if I work hard mentally or physicaly my stress level increaseas and I will get anxious sensations.
I am stuck in this thought pattern and not sure how to convince myself out of it.I will be great if you guys can help me out here. Thanks!