How do I analyze my completed models?

I am 2 weeks into the coaching program and am applying the model wherever I can. I do my thought downloads daily, and admittedly, this one was off center because I am focused on daily habits, but I felt compelled to do it because it was nagging me. Right now I am trying to be patient with my current self while keeping long term goals in mind. As I delve into my mind and discover goals in my LifeDream, it’s easy for me to be self-critical. Today, I started an intentional model.

My Intentional Model
C – I have goals and a Lifedream
T – Life is Grand the way it is
F – Thrilled
A – I spend time getting more clarity on my goals, planning on their accomplishment, and chipping away at them in my calendar to make them a reality
R – I’m gradually realizing important things in my life and am willing to accept the fact that they will take time for their fruition.

My gut reaction is that there are just so many things that I have to accomplish before the thought that “Life is Grand the way it is” can be a fact in my life. I know better. I should be happy with my life the way it is because I have so much to be grateful for. And yet the thought of my future is daunting.

My Unintentional Model
C – I have goals and a LifeDream
T – My plan lacks clarity
F – Aggravated
A – I don’t act in accordance to my model. I buffer and get distracted.
R – My results are inconclusive. My days are only mildly productive. I don’t feel motivated much of the time.

I have a history of beating myself up for so many small things and worrying about so many other things that never come to pass. I bought into this program because I felt that the tools provided would get me past this stage of being stuck. So…do these models serve me? Is this how I should approach my analysis? Am I asking the wrong questions?