How do I find my hard why?


I could use some consulting around creating a hard why for taking a job.

I am currently a consultant, and I have a FT job opportunity that is outstanding money, but otherwise not a very compelling role. I don’t particularly want to go back to working FT in a corporate environment, but the money is substantial.

So – my current thought is “I should take it because the money is great”, but that thought isn’t going to keep me going when it gets hard and I want to quit.

I have lots of pros and cons about the role, and pros and cons for staying on the consulting side. In terms of making the decision between the two, I know that either choice is a great one, and that I will have to manage my mind in both jobs, and that my brain will probably tell me I made the wrong choice not matter what I choose.

But if I am going to take this FT role, I want to find a compelling reason or hard why for why I’m doing it, so that when things get hard and I want quit that I have a guiding light to go back to.

Can you give me any guidance about how to determine what my hard why would be for taking the job if it’s about the money? Are there questions I can ask myself?

Thank you!!