How do I fire someone you love?

Hi Brooke, Have done lots of models on this..No bio children of my own. I met a young lady, a single Mother of a toddler about 9 years ago at a Jazzercise class. Long story really shorty..I loved her and took her under my wing and she became my Daughter of Choice. Lots of love as well as a lot of drama around her as she barely scraps by financially and doesn’t seem to get any traction or have a need or desire to change the situation. She has been cleaning houses and my home for money for a few years and she does a crappy job at best. I have been cleaning up after her and making excuses for her being tired or hurt. I then hired her son to be my Summer yard boy. The position is demanding, I grow fruits and vegetables to give away to needy families. It is a huge hobby of mine and I spend a lot of time working out there. I do need help in the summertime and I didn’t realize how hard it might be for a 11-year-old boy. Can he seem to have enough to do his sports I never thought yard work and hauling hoses would be too hard? I believe he is too young and immature to do the job but wants and has plans for all the money he is going to be making over the Summer. What I want to do is hand my Daughter of Choice $500 and tell her this will pay for both of them to go and replace my part-time and get other part-time jobs somewhere else. I no longer want to be your employer..and I love you. I am scared she will blow up and I will lose them, but I’m feeling used and frustrated by my thougths..Help ..Margaret