How To Allow A Thought

I am here for one month and recently completed the stop overeating course and have created myself a protocol.
I also watched few videos from the stop overdrinking course, which refer to the urges and desire.
In my so far ten attempts to allow an urge I failed and rewarded all of them but I am not giving up.

What I noticed mostly is that I wake up and listen to my brain justify why I should have bread this morning (even though protocol says no flour, no sugar). And my brain seems to always think that to start the protocol on a Monday or 1st of month is better than right now.

What I found difficulty with is allowing the thought rather than a body sensation of craving or something like that.
What happens is that I would have a thought and as long as I sit and not act upon it, it brings along twenty stronger thoughts along with it that grow louder and louder.
The sitting and not obeying it seems to be the difficult part. Obeying it seems like an act of self-care and not obeying it feels like almost danger.
What am I missing please?