How to be ok with being alone

I emotionally ate with my husband and when he was at work. I had a very emotionally dependent relationship with him. Almost 2 years now I’ve detached myself emotionally from him. I have done a lot of work liberating myself from my expectations from him to match my needs. Today, he went for an overnight party with his friends and I was ok with it. But then I noticed myself snacking and eating out of protocol. This was very atypical of me. Today, I was curious. I snacked to feel better because there was a thought, if he is not there then I can eat whatever I want. As if I’m maintaining my health to get his approval. Also, if he was not in my life I wouldn’t bother maintaining my health. I love him but I don’t want him to be in charge of me feeling better. It all comes down to my fear of being alone. I have always had a romantic partner in my adult life as a necessity who will complete me. If he is not there I might find someone else. Why do I feel the need to have a romantic partner. Is there something wrong with me?