How to be ok with my husband not doing what I he needs to do.

My husband consistently forgets to fill out his expense reports at work, overcharges on credit card to the point that it gets canceled by the company he works for, charges personal items on the business account (which he’s not supposed to), etc.

He also sometimes doesn’t get paid his commission due to an oversight by the company but he won’t call to straighten it out so I always have to do it. I do all of the bills so i don’t think he understands how close we get to not being able to pay our bills. He often lies to me about how much he has spent, whether he has filled out his expense reports etc. I feel like he’s working against me – and against the goals we have (for retirement, saving, kids college, etc).

Sometimes we are barely able to make our house payment- but he doesn’t seem to understand the severity of any of this. I get really angry with him and feel like he’s being selfish.