How to get it done


My name is Anne-Alexandre, I am 22. I know I am young but I love the material. I am a french speaker (sorry about the grammar- I am working really hard to learn English) This is my second month in Scholars. So last month my goal was to loose 5 pounds and I reached it, I am down 8 now (even better yééé!) the thing is, I’ve been doing How to organize your life and your mind exercices now(since October 1st) in the morning and I see such a big difference in my motivation to use my bike/eat healthy/go climbing because I am not writing it down and my thoughts about it are the old ones (thoughts that I had over the summer like this is too hard), I am asking myself what should I do ? Should I do both so re-print a how to get it done booklet and write down what needs to be done in order to acheive my goal or concentrate on October booklet ? I feel like my brain thought the challenge was only for a month (so that was sustainable) but now that it has become my lifestyle, my thoughts about it are different. Is there an explication about your brain not wanting you to do something hard for a long period of time ? So many questions I need help hahaha.

Thank you,