How to Handle Past Negative Thoughts?

I’m trying to be a good mate and some of the rules you have for that I’m trying to implement into my life. Such as, brainstorm love every day and look for things to love and make them even better in your mind. I really like these and have started to do them daily in the morning. The issue I have is that I’ve complained to my friends in the past about my boyfriends drinking, way of living, smoking marijuana, using drugs and alcohol as buffering, acting like a child, etc. (clearly I’ve been way too judgy). So now they ask me how everything is with the BF, and I’ve been saying the great things I brainstorm in the morning like, he brought me home my favorite flowers, and he comes home every night, he is carefree and is like living with a puppy, however they will pull out the negative things I said about him in the past which I still believe to be true. Do I need to work on replacing those thoughts about him? Or what do I do when my friends bring up the negative things I’ve said about him in the past?

Thank you for your help!