How to have a boundary of “if you shout at me I’ll leave” when It’s your spouse and you live with the person and have nowhere to go.

I have been in scholars for nearly a year and it’s changed everything for me

This is what I struggled with the day I joined and still struggle with today.

You say to feel your feelings, my husband said something today that I wanted to be angry about, I liked my reasons. I didn’t want to resist my anger, I wanted to process it .

He spoke to me in such a way that I felt it was a boundary issue. When we get into arguments he raises his voice at me in front of the kids. Today when yelling, he made a comment about how he makes all the money and that this is “ his house“ … I stay home and homeschool our small kids and also do his business accounting /paperwork and we are married so I was just extremely angry with this comment. I know it’s my thoughts but I still have to process the feelings right?

I found this a boundary issue so I try to just walk away to another room .
I said “I do not want to be talked to like that“ and try to leave the room but he just follows me shouting “oh that’s right, walk away like you always do in an argument… you don’t want to talk about it or admit you’re wrong so you walk away”

I walk away because his yelling always escalates to cursing at me in front of the kids or twisting the entire argument to make it seem like it’s all me.

How do you “leave the room” when there is nowhere to go. He follows me around the house. I have nowhere to go outside the house, when I’m this mad I don’t even want to drive , and at 11 at night I wouldn’t even know where to go.

I’m seething right now. I’ve done so well in this class and this is still where I am stuck