How to Love Working Out Again

Hi Brooke –

I used to really love working out, back when I was in high school. I ran, lifted weights, played sports, felt great and had tremendous confidence.

After I joined the military, I stopped enjoying exercise because it became a “have to” rather than a “want to”.

Now that I am out of the military, I want to start working out again and start really loving it like I used to. I am indulging in confusion about how to get started. I am indulging in debates with myself about “too much” versus “not enough”.

I have been struggling to commit to a program and do it, because “what if it is not the right program for me”?

I’d love to eventually join a Masters swim program except I am too out of shape to keep up in the pool right now.

Can you please offer advice on how to get back into loving and re-committing to something that I want to again make a huge and inspiring part of my life?