How to Schedule Time for Things you haven’t done before

This month for my goal, I am doing some new things I have never done before. I planned my schedule to the hour and put it on my calendar.

Some projects cannot be completed in that time that I gave myself. Looking at where it went wrong, I often don’t get detailed enough on how much goes into some of these “things” that i’m creating. For example, I have make a welcome packet scheduled for 2 hours in the upcoming week.

Last week when I made this schedule, I didn’t see that this really means ordering folders, finding a printer, creating the content and design, where none of this is created. It probably is going to take me 3-4 hours when I break it down. Do I go back now and re-do the schedule for the rest of the month?

Part of me is concerned I’m not sticking to what I said was going to do, and “re-doing” a schedule is not how we “get it done” in september.

Is this just poor planning on my part, how do you plan the time for something you have never done before?

Should I just double the time I think on things that are new?