How to start

I have been listening to your podcast for about a month. Being a bit of a perfectionist I started with episode 1. Now, I joined SCS and am committed to investing in myself. I want to lose 100 or so pounds (49 years old, 5 foot 4–what should weight target be?). I am 1/2 way through the weight loss 2 day recording and it all makes sense. You speak my language. I’m scared as hell.. BUT….. do I start with managing my brain and noticing what I am thinking when I eat and eat 2 to 2? do I develop a protocol and start tomorrow and include/not include fasting? Do I stop eating sugar and flour? As I’m typing–I think my answer is start NOW with noticing my thoughts and using the model. Start planning my food for tomorrow and just do it. CRAP this is hard.