How to stop flipping the model, using A to create F

In my coaching call last week, we identified that I flip the model and use my A’s to drive my F’s.

Specifically, I do all the things in my work and around the house in order to feel productive. Except for when it doesn’t and then I feel like a victim.

I’ve identified four F’s that I want to feel about work: peace, confidence, no doubt, satisfaction.

I’ve identified T’s to create those F’s. And I’m practicing feeling those T’s.

But oh my it’s not sticking! The old pattern is so well-established! At the end of the day, I’m still reviewing the list of what I accomplished and feeling like crap if the list isn’t long enough or I deem the items not strategic enough.

Example of what I’m wanting to do:
T: you worked hard today
F: peace

Here’s what I revert to:
A: review list of things done in day
Decide if they were strategic enough
Decided if I accomplished enough
F: if no, deflated; if yes, satisfied

How do I learn to love myself into thinking these T’s and feeling the F’s?