Human value

In a recent conversation with somebody, the idea of human value came up and I stated that no person is more or less valuable than another person. Then the person I was speaking with said they disagree and that people like Harvey Weinstein and the like who do things like assault women are less valuable than people who don’t do such things. My gut disagrees with this and I wasn’t able to articulate why so I just shrugged and let it go, but I’d like to be able to articulate why.

I think the idea that humans have value is something we made up ourselves as humans with our brains and it’s what we think about the actions that people take that we’re judging as better or worse is something we also made up? Humans just ARE. But then what about the idea of karma that suggests there really are things that are better and worse that we can contribute to the world – maybe that’s it. So then Harvey Weinstein is responsible for how he chooses to behave and how I choose to think about that is my own choice and contributes to further pain and anguish being contributed to the world. Am I on the right track here?

I signed up for master class and I am SO excited and it was so very interesting to watch my mind as I was making the decision to sign up because this is a HUGE investment for me and one I really wanted to make and so as I was sitting there with the tab open on my computer, my mind was coming up with all sorts of ideas about how I can make the money to make it happen. And now I’m also watching my mind freak out about the action I need to take in order to do that and blocking me from taking the action. SO good. Also, I wanted to share that for the first time probably in my life, I’m forward focused and it’s so great. Thank you.