Husband bossy+controlling+mocking of me

Hello, I want to feel happy in my marriage and most of all accept my husband’s behavior, to decide to stay or leave. Right now I want to leave. He is bossy + controlling + makes fun of me when we are alone or with people… I don’t like how he behaves because I am making it mean he disrespects me + he thinks I’m stupid + he likes to put me down to feel better about himself. I know it is my manual for him, I ran some models and I wish I believed the thought: he has the right to behave however he wants, but I don’t believe it yet, can you please give me some neutral thoughts on this.

And please explain how I am supposed to feel good in my marriage and decide to leave anyway ? Does feeling good means: feel good with myself, or not feeling resentment and anger toward my husband? Do I have to let myself feel resentment and anger to change my thoughts?

Thank you.