Husband says words

Husband keeps talking over people and talks about our house being big.
My C at first seems too emotional when I say what he said in quotes even though it’s a fact-so is it right to change C to husband says words?
C: husband says words
T: he thinks he’s better than other people
F: embarrassed
A: snap at him. give him a look. interrupt him
R: I think I’m better than him?

I wish I didn’t care what he said. I’m worried friends won’t hang out with us because of it though. Any suggestions to neutralize it?

Another one:
C: husband says, “don’t post political, you’ll lose clients”

T: maybe he’s right
F: worried
A: reread post. consider erasing
R: will lose clients?

T: it’s too important not to post
F: determined
A: keep being myself. fighting for equal rights
R: my clients will find me?

Am I missing something on this?