Husband Thoughts

A thought download today revealed that I feel irritated w my husband so much of the time because I think life comes easier for him (he seems to have such an easy time succeeding at work, staying fit, being an energetic parent, etc etc than I do). I’m really struggling to find a good thought for my IM- can you help?

Here’s my models- UM: C- husband T: life is so easy for him F: irritated A: snip at him, act cold R: life feels harder for me. IM: C: husband. T ??????*** F: love A: show appreciation for him, acts of kindness, express gratitude R: loving marriage, equal partnership. (**** thoughts I’ve tried that don’t feel quite right “I’m lucky to have him” ” I’m smart to have chosen him” ” he’s wonderful and adding so much to my life” “he struggles too” “you can’t know how easy life is for anyone but yourself”) – none seem to fit correctly here- thoughts on my thoughts? Thank you!!