husband threw out something of mine and did not ask

Could you please review my model and let me know any helpful feedback (questions I can ask myself etc.) Separate his model from mine.

I am glad that I got to a feeling immediately instead of being angry and lying to him.

C: My husband said he threw out candlestick holders when I asked where they were.
T: They were important to me (gift from someone for my first apartment living on my own).
F: very hurt
A: He said he hated them, and they were ugly.
I immediately cried (flash of anger but did not go there)

I went back into the room where he was sitting crying.
He saw me crying and immediately said I am so sorry that I threw them out.
I said you should have asked me.
He said I am so sorry; I should have asked you.
I started to say, “I always consider everything of yours.”
Then he yelled, “I am sorry, and I should have asked you.

He asked me a bit later, “Are you alright?” I said sort of.
He immediately went into an explanation of why he thought he threw them out and apologized again.
I started to tell him they were important because they gifted me my first apartment.
He cut me off loudly again and said I said I am sorry.

R: I felt very sad but did not get angry and did not yell at my husband

Thank you so much, coaches!!