Husband’s behaviors make me resentful (I know, I know…my thoughts make me resentful…..)

Since my kids have gone back to school, my hubby has completely given up. He plays the guitar all day while they are in school, doesn’t get any exercise, and has fallen behind in small family tasks. I understand he is coming down after taking care of our kids at home for 15 months straight, but I am worried. I have tried to talk with him about this but his response is “While the kids are at school, this is my time. I will do what I want. This is MY TIME!”

The issue is that this makes me so resentful. I am working full time and I am angry that he has this luxury. I am tired. COVID is exhausting me and I need a break too. But I am self-employed and trying to get a business off the ground so I can’t take time out each day to relax. Well, I can, but then I don’t meet my business goals and so feel like I lose either way.

I know this is my manual, but I am upset at the way he spoke to me as if I was his employee and as if we aren’t a team. But, TBH, I am also just irked that he gets time off to do whatever and I don’t.